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About Us

hi, my name is lesley and i am the founder of lucy & lester! we are located in austin, texas and launched this adventure in december of 2016. it all started with trips back to england to visit my husband's family where i would buy up all of the fun and edgy children's wear that my suitcase could possibly hold. when we would get back to the states, and the compliments would roll in, i tucked the idea of starting my own line deep into my brain. And couldn’t let the it go. flash forward to 2016, i started making my dream, and eye for design, into a reality. i source quality fabrics from around the world and strive to use organic fibers as much as possible. i create the sewing patterns and we (i support local seamstresses to help with production) assemble the clothing right here in texas! thank you to our son and two daughters for being our inspiration and motivation in starting this business.

Most days you can find me...wiping baby butts and drinking coffee with the perfect combo of almond milk + soy creamer

I am mostly known for…having a thick "northern" accent, until I met my husband that is! English accent>midwest accent

Who is Lucy? Who is Lester? :)

Lucy is our beautiful, sweet, “polar bear looking” dog! Lester was my jokester nickname growing up, thanks Mom & Dad!



Size Chart

Child's waist (measure around belly button) and weight

Size Waist (in inches) Weight (in pounds)
0-3m 15.5 7-12
3-6m 16.5 12-16
6-9m 17 16-19
9-12m 17.5 19-22
12-18m 18 22-27
18-24m 18.5 27-30
2T 19 30-33
3T 19.5 33-36
4T 20 36-40